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Attic in Messina. “Once upon a time, in the urban center of Messina, there was a terrace with two little girls and their parents. Parents often took their girls out on bicycles, free to play, run and have fun. One day the girls wanted to stay longer, without ever getting tired. Evening arrived and the day was already coming to an end. The sky was colored with many infinitesimal lights. I took a candle and shone a dim light on their still moving silhouettes. Night fell and with it also tiredness. And I saw the little girls, captured by the dreams of an endless day, then the dream came. Deep. I understood that it had to be my house, or rather Eva and Ophelia's house. Afterwards I started to dream too and I understood that beauty shines more in the heart of those who desire it than in the eyes of those who see it.

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