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We have created a formula, or rather 3, for a pizzeria of just 39 m2.  

Take away means buying and eating out.

Bringing in means buying and consuming inside.
Taking later means buying, leave your phone number, take a dip in the square in front  and then, when the chosen pizza is ready, we will call you and you can collect it directly from outside without going back inside.

When you get in:

The deeper you go, the more you rise. The more you lift yourself up, the less suffocated you feel by the presence of others. The more you enter, the more visible you become.
The progressive increase in the height of the ramp allows, as you observe the products displayed behind the transparent glass wall, to increasingly perceive a sensation of supremacy and omnipotence which suggests you to order a greater quantity of products from the top of the ramp with greater emphasis and of my stature thus achieved.

An electric conveyor belt, activated with a simple pressure, transfers the freshly baked product onto a visible lane behind the display shelf so that it arrives, steaming and under everyone's eyes, directly to the cash register for canning and sale.
The visual and olfactory action will do the rest!

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